Graduate Research Symposia

Graduate Research Symposia [Doktora Araştırmaları Sempozyumu]

METU Graduate Program in Architectural History organizes a series of graduate symposia, which are open to doctorate students and researchers who have recently completed their Ph.D. studies. The symposia aim to bring together and discuss current historical research on space and the consequent knowledge produced on architectural history, which are informed by contemporary debates of the discipline. Proceedings of the symposia are published. 

12. Spaces/Times/Peoples: Dispossesion and Architectural History [Mekanlar/Zamanlar/İnsanlar: Mülksüzleştirme ve Mimarlık Tarihi] (2021)

METU AH Graduate Symposium 12

11. Spaces/Times/Peoples: Fiction and Architectural History [Mekanlar/Zamanlar/İnsanlar: Kurgu ve Mimarlık Tarihi] (2019)

Sempozyum Poster

10. Spaces/Times/Peoples: Nature and Architectural History  [Mekanlar/Zamanlar/Insanlar: Doğa ve Mimarlık Tarihi] (2017)

9. Spaces/Times/Peoples: Nostalgia and Architectural History  [Mekanlar/Zamanlar/Insanlar: Nostalji ve Mimarlık Tarihi] (2015)

8. Spaces / Times / Peoples: Domesticity, Dwelling and Architectural History” “Mekanlar / Zamanlar / İnsanlar: Evsellik, Ev, Barınma ve Mimarlık Tarihi” (2013)

7. Spaces/Times/People: City and Architectural History [Mekanlar/Zamanlar/Insanlar: Kent ve Mimarlik Tarihi) (2011)


6. Spaces/Times/People: Patronage and Architectural History [Mekanlar/Zamanlar/Insanlar: Hamilik ve Mimarlik Tarihi] (2009)

5. Spaces/Times/Peoples: Identity, Sense of Belonging and Architectural History [Mekanlar/Zamanlar/İnsanlar: Kimlik, Aidiyet ve Mimarlik Tarihi] (2007)

4. Spaces/Times/Peoples: Gender, Sexuality and Architectural History [Mekanlar/Zamanlar/İnsanlar: Toplumsal Cinsiyet, Cinsellik ve Mimarlik Tarihi] (2005)

3. Spaces/Times/Peoples of the Ancient Age [Eski Cag'da Mekanlar/ Zamanlar/ İnsanlar] (2003)

2. Spaces/ Times/ Peoples of the Republic [Cumhuriyet'in Mekanları/ Zamanları/ İnsanları] (2001)

1. The Ottoman Spaces/ Times/ Peoples [Osmanlı'da Mekanlar/ Zamanlar/ İnsanlar] (1999)