Research Assistants

Res. Asst. Elif BİLGE (B.Arch, Kocaeli University; M.A., METU)

Roman Architecture, History of Domestic Architecture and Daily Life

Res. Asst. Nesrin ERDOĞAN  (B.Arch.; M.A., METU)

Post-war Italian architecture, Gender studies and feminism, History of modern architecture, Representation in architectural historiography

Res. Asst. Gizem GÜNER (B.LAUD, Bilkent University; M.A., METU)

Urban Design, Gender Studies, Architectural Historiography, Narrated Spaces, Architecture and Literature

Res. Asst. Elif Kaymaz (B.C.P., METU; M.A. METU)

Architecture and the city in late Ottoman Empire and early Republican Turkey; entangled modernities; cinema studies; digital humanities; urban rituals; spaces and practices of moving image exhibition

Res. Asst. Orçun Sena SARACOĞLU (B.A., Bilkent University; M.A., METU)

Medieval architecture in Anatolia and neighbouring lands, Byzantine architecture, Seljuk architecture, Islamic architecture, symbolism in architecture, philosophical repercussions in architecture, digital humanities