M.A. Required Courses

M.A. Program Must Courses

Total minimum credit: 21 

Minimum number of courses with credit: 7 (one required + 6 elective courses)

Course List

AH 501 Studying Architectural History: Approaches, Methods, Ethics (3-0)3

The objective is to provide an overview and understanding of the nature and its limitations of research in architectural history, to familiarize students with research approaches, methods and ethics, and to teach them how to select appropriate techniques for a given set of data. (Staff)

AH 504 Prothesis Seminar in Architectural History (0-2)NC

Independent work on a selected research topic. Final paper is written and presented in departmental seminars at the end of the semester. (Staff)

AH 599 M.A. Thesis in History of Architecture NC

The thesis in History of Architecture aims to lead the student toward professional research with original results. The student is expected to demonstrate skills of critical appraisal and research techniques. Topics may be chosen from a wide chronological spectrum and may involve historical or theoretical issues pertaining to architecture in Turkey and the world at large. (Staff)

AH 8XX Special Studies (4-2)NC

Students choose and study a topic under the guidance of a faculty member, normally his/her advisor. (Staff)