Ph.D. Required Courses

Ph. D. Program Must Courses

Total minimum credit: 24

Minimum number of courses with credit: 8 (2 required + 6 elective courses)

Course List

AH 601 Critical Review in Architectural History: Approaches, Methods, Ethics (3-0)3

This seminar is designed for PhD students specializing in architectural history. It aims at providing them with the knowledge of the general patterns in architectural historiography. In addition to more conventional approaches, recent theoretical debates and current issues in architectural historiography are surveyed in order to equip students with the requisite knowledge and research tools in an advanced level that help them develop their own research and interpretation strategies. ( Staff)

AH 602 Surveying Architectural History (3-0)3

Re-designed as a credited compulsory course, this seminar is complimentary to “AH 601: Critical Review in Architectural History” and preparatory for the Ph. D. qualification exam. Accordingly, it is directed towards reviewing architectural history and historiography by focusing on the topic of “survey” as a critical enterprise. It aims to equip students with the tools of studying the topic comprehensively to develop their own research techniques and interpretations. (Staff)

AH 604 Seminar in Architectural History (0-2)NC

In this graduate seminar, students will work intensively on paper proposals to be presented to the public at the end of the semester, and also to be submitted to an academic journal related with the discipline. The class discussion will focus on how to gain familiarity with current writing approaches to the discipline; how to conduct archival research; how to approach the fieldwork; what are the essential elements of a journal paper; how to clarify and abbreviate one's argument; how to produce and visual materials, etc. (Staff)

AH 699 Ph. D. Dissertation in History of Architecture NC

The dissertation in History of Architecture aims to lead the student toward professional research with original results. The student is expected to demonstrate skills of critical appraisal and research techniques. Topics may be chosen from a wide chronological spectrum and may involve historical or theoretical issues pertaining to architecture in Turkey and the world at large. (Staff)

AH 9XX Special Studies (4-2) NC

Students choose and study a topic under the guidance of a faculty member, normally his/her advisor. (Staff)