Current Semester Courses

CURRENT AH COURSES - 2017-1     Link to the Current Semester Schedule


ARCH 112 Architectural History I / Suna Güven 

ARCH 211 Architectural History II / Ali Uzay Peker 
ARCH 212 Architectural History III / Elvan Altan, Belgin Turan Özkaya, Pelin Yoncacı Arslan  
ARCH 303 Drawing and Media Arts / Jale Erzen 

ARCH 322 Developments in Modern Art / Ekin Pınar

ARCH 365 Fine Arts Techniques Workshop I / Jale Erzen

ARCH 366 Fine Arts Techniques Workshop II / Jale Erzen 
ARCH 422 Classical Antiquity in Asia Minor / Suna Güven
ARCH 423 Domestic Architecture in Classical Antiquity / Lale Özgenel 
ARCH 426 House and Daily Life in History / Lale Özgenel
ARCH 427 Studies in Greek Architecture / Suna Güven 
ARCH 428 Twentieth Century Architecture in Turkey / Elvan Altan 
ARCH 430 Contemporary Architecture / Lale Özgenel – Pelin Yoncacı Arslan
ARCH 436 Studies in Roman Architecture / Suna Güven 
ARCH 440 Masterworks of Medieval Architecture in East and West / Ali Uzay Peker   
ARCH 448 Issues and Problems in "Modernism” / Belgin Turan Özkaya 
AH 501 Studying Architectural History: Approaches, Methods, Ethics / Suna Güven
AH 504 Prothesis Seminar in Architectural History / Pelin Yoncacı Arslan  
AH 513 Aesthetics and Criticism I / Jale Erzen

AH 514 Aesthetics and Criticism II / Jale Erzen 


AH 516 Architectural History Digital Humanities Lab / Pelin Yoncacı Arslan

AH 520 Topics on Urban From, Patterns and Architecture / Namık Erkal  

AH 521 Themes on Ancient Domestic Architecture / Lale Özgenel   
AH 526 History and Theory of Architectural Styles / Jale Erzen
AH 533 Ottoman Architecture in the 19th Century / Elvan Altan
AH 535 Approaches in Greek Architecture / Suna Güven  
AH 536 Approaches in Roman Architecture / Suna Güven 
AH 539 Cosmological Thought and Architecture in the Middle East / Ali Uzay Peker  
AH 541 Ottoman Architecture in the 18th Century / Ali Uzay Peker  
AH 543 Anatolian Seljuk Architecture (11-14th centuries) / Ali Uzay Peker    
AH 544 Architectural History Research Studio: Modern Capital City, Ankara / Elvan Altan  
AH 546 Theories of History I: Althusser, Jameson and the Annales School / Belgin Turan Özkaya 
AH 547 Theories of History II: Visuality, Spatiality and Materiality  / Belgin Turan Özkaya   

AH 548 Aesthetics and the Psyche / Belgin Turan Özkaya 

AH 585 Ottoman Turkish for Architectural History / Işık Demirakın

AH 601 Critical Review in Architectural History: Approaches, Methods, Ethics / Elvan Altan, Sevil Enginsoy Ekinci

AH 602 Surveying Architectural History / Elvan Altan 

AH 604 Seminar in Architectural History / Pelin Yoncacı Arslan

AH 612 Imperial Architecture of the Ancient Near East / Tuğba Tanyeri Erdemir 
AH 654 Framing the Past, Ruins and Architectural History / Suna Güven     
AH 655 Spaces and Practices of Displaying the Past / Elvan Altan – Belgin Turan Özkaya