Ezgi Yavuz from Cyprus International University will lecture on “Transcending the Uneven: Istanbul Complex of Retail Shops and the Collaboration of Arts & Architecture” on 18 April 2017 Tuesday in Kubbealtı (DOME).

Ceren Katipoğlu from Çankaya University will lecture on “Re-thinking 19th Century Ottoman Architecture through Ottoman Provincial Mosques” on 4 April 2017 Tuesday in Kubbealtı (DOME).

Marco Bruno from Middle East Technical University will lecture on “The Third Time” on 21 March 2017 Tuesday in Kubbealtı (DOME).


We celebrated 50th lecture in the series METU talks Architectural History

We convened to celebrate Prof. Namık Erkal's new post.


A new title in our Graduate Research Symposia series recently appeared as a METU Faculty of Architecture publication: "Spaces / Times / Peoples: Patronage and Architectural History" | “Mekanlar / Zamanlar / İnsanlar: Hamilik ve Mimarlık Tarihi," Edited by Ceren Katipoğlu, Ezgi Yavuz, Baharak Tabibi

A new title in our Graduate Research Symposia series recently appeared as a METU Faculty of Architecture publication: “Spaces / Times / Peoples: Domesticity, Dwelling and Architectural History” | “Mekanlar / Zamanlar / İnsanlar: Evsellik, Ev, Barınma ve Mimarlık Tarihi”, Edited by Lale Özgenel


METU Social Sciences Institute granted Çiğdem Tansel Publication Award to our student Yıldız İpek Mehmetoğlu with her thesis titled "Parisian Avant-Garde Women and the Production of Domestic Space in the Early Twentieth Century", advisor: Prof. Dr. Belgin Turan Özkaya

This study recently appeared as one of the publications of the METU Press, Ankara.


This year METU Social Sciences Institute awarded two graduate theses completed in our program:

* Seçil Özcan "Tracing Literary Architecture: Spatial in-Betweenness in Virginia Woolf's 'Between Acts' (1941)", advisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Sevil Enginsoy Ekinci

* Ezgi Yavuz "An Aesthetic Response to an Architectural Challenge: Architecture's Dialogue with the Arts in Postwar Turkey", advisor: Prof. Dr. Elvan Altan


Prof. Dr. İnci Aslanoğlu has been awarded "Achievement Grant for Contribution to Architecture" by Chamber of Architects in Ankara

The award was presented on May 16, 2016 at 18.30 in Akün Sahnesi and an exhbition on the TMMOB biannual architectural awards opened the same day at 20:00 at Çankaya Çağdaş Sanatlar Merkezi, then will travelling to cities as such: May 27 - June 20, 2016 İstanbul; September 18-26, 2016 Eskişehir; October 1-10 Ekim, 2016 Konya; October 17-21, 2016 Adana; October 27 - November 3, 2016 Kayseri; November 8-30, 2016 İZMİR; March 7-18, 2017 Samsun


Prof. Dr. Jale Erzen has been awarded Honorary Artist Award 2016 by UPSD (International Plastic Arts Association a branch of UNESCO International Art Association)